What is Linen Spray Used For?

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Linen spray is a household product usually containing deionized water or neutral alcohol and some kind of scent such as essential oils. It is usually a liquid supplied in a spray bottle so that a fine mist of the product can be sprayed over linens, towels, soft furnishings, clothes and carpets. It is used to freshen linens and soft furnishings between washes, or it is sprayed onto fabrics while ironing to provide a pleasing and/or therapeutic scent.

Bed Linens

Linen spray can be used on sheets and pillows to impart a fresh, fragrant scent between washes. Linen sprays containing essential oils can be used in the bedroom in this manner before retiring, with various aromatherapy benefits. The fragrances of different essential oils can have a calming, soothing or sensual effect; for example, the scent of lavender is known to aid sleepiness.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings and carpets can be spritzed with linen spray to freshen them and provide a pleasing fragrance in the room. Linen spray is particularly useful for furnishings and cushions that cannot be removed for cleaning, or those that are not cleaned very often. This can be especially useful when selling your home, as potential buyers will associate the pleasant smell with the home.


Linen spray can be spritzed on clothing during ironing to give a gentle and lasting perfume to your clothes. Clothes that are not dirty but have been worn in a smoky atmosphere can be refreshed by spritzing them with linen spray and hanging them outside. This also works to refresh clothes that have to be dry-cleaned or hand washed, allowing more time between washes.

Air Freshener

Linen spray can be used in the same way as an air freshener by simply spraying into the air to give a pleasant fragrance to the whole room. This is useful when guests are visiting at short notice and you don't have time to thoroughly clean and air out your rooms.


When traveling, linen spray can be used on hotel bedding to give a pleasant scent. This can be helpful for those who find it difficult to sleep in a strange bed as it provides a sensual reminder of home. If you are given a smoking room, linen spray can help masque the unpleasant smell when sprayed on the curtains, carpets and into the air.

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