How to Clean Rough Out Leather Boots

Rough out leather boots are designed with the rough hide of the leather used as the exterior material of the boots, creating a matte, suede-like texture that is flexible yet durable, making it a perfect material for boot making. While these boots come pre-treated and resistant to most stains, a thorough cleaning will keep the rough out leather looking clean and cared for. Conditioning the boots is also required to keep the leather from cracking and breaking.

Step 1

Hold the shoes over a trash can, or take them outdoors and tap the soles of the boots together to break away mud and caked-on dirt.

Step 2

Brush the boots with an old toothbrush, brushing with the grain of the leather.

Step 3

Moisten a sponge with warm water, and add a few drops of leather cleaner.

Step 4

Wipe the moist sponge over the boots, scrubbing gently in small circular motions until you have removed all debris.

Step 5

Rinse the sponge clean, and pour leather conditioner onto the sponge. Follow the instructions on the bottle, which will typically direct you to rub a smooth, even layer of the conditioner onto the boots.

Step 6

Allow the boots to air dry, and spray with a stain and waterproofing agent to make the boots even more resistant to water and stain absorption.