Information on Fels Naptha Soap

Fels Naptha is a type of soap that is primarily used for laundry. It has been used for more than 100 years and is marketed by the Dial Corporation. The soap is a bright yellow bar that produces low suds. Not only is Fels Naptha soap good for pre-treating clothing, it is also used for home remedies including bug bites, poison ivy, household cleaner and lawn care.

Information on Fels Naptha Soap


Fels Naptha soap was a part of the 20 Mules Team product line in the 1890s. The William Tell Coleman company made cleaning products from borax which was hauled by mules. The name came from a sketch of mule teams that was featured on the soap's logo. In 1988, the product line was sold to the Dial Corporation.

Fels Naptha for Laundry

Fels Naptha claims that 1 bar can make a year's worth of laundry detergent. About 1/8 inch of a scraping is dissolved in hot water and combined with washing soda for 1 load of laundry. Fels Naptha soap is worked into stains for pre-treatment of laundry. Fels Naptha is also used for tanning leather hides.

Poison Ivy Treatment

Poison ivy can be treated with Fels Naptha. Wash the poison ivy areas with the bar of Fels Naptha, and wash exposed clothing with the Fels Naptha laundry solution. The soap can also treat poison sumac and oak. Overuse of the soap can cause skin irritation and keep Fels Naptha soap out of the eyes.

Lawn Care

To treat lawns, Fels Naptha soap is combined with flat beer, ammonia and dish soap. This tonic deters bugs and can kill weeds. A gel can be created to treat black spot fungus on roses. Modern soap manufacturers add degreasers and antibacterial ingredients to their soap. These soaps can be harmful to plants. Only Fels Naptha or Ivory soap should be used for lawn tonics.

Other Uses for Fels Naptha

Fels Naptha can remove automotive grease from the hands. It also removes permanent marker and soap scum in bathrooms. For Fels Naptha recipes, see the link in Resources. Fels Naptha can be purchased at Ace Hardware, Kroger's and some local grocery stores.