How to Wash Fiber-Filled Pillows

Fiber-filled pillows contain polyester and are similar in comfort to feather pillows. The difference, however, is that fiber-filled pillows don't pose allergy concerns like feather pillows. But just like any other type of pillow, one that's fiber-filled requires routine cleaning to remove dirt, dust, body and hair oils, dead skin cells and other grime. Clean your fiber-filled pillows properly to ensure they don't lose form or become damaged in the process.

Wash your pillows periodically to remove sweat and body oils.

Step 1

Take the pillowcases off the pillows. Brush loose dirt and dust from both sides of each pillow with a dry rag.

Step 2

Set your washer to the warm-water and gentle-cycle settings. Add the recommended amount of detergent according the bottle's label.

Step 3

Let the washer fill up, then completely submerge each pillow. Don't wash more than two pillows at a time.

Step 4

Let the washer run on the gentle cycle for no more than eight minutes. After eight minutes, advance the machine to the rinse cycle.

Step 5

Run the pillows through three warm-water rinse cycles to ensure all soap is removed. After the final rinse cycle, set the washer to the spin cycle to remove excess water.

Step 6

Place the clean pillows in the dryer on medium heat. Add a few bath towels to the dryer to help make the drying process go quicker. Keep the pillows in the dryer for about two hours or until they are completely dry.

Step 7

Use your hands to fluff the pillows after they are completely dry.