How to Wash a Wool Blanket in the Washing Machine

Blankets made of wool possess many attractive qualities such as fire, water and wrinkle resistance as well as superior insulation. When caring for a woolen blanket, you should always defer to the washing instructions the product includes. Some manufacturers recommend that you dry-clean products. Yet, some wool is fine to wash in the washing machine.

mexican blanket
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Step 1

Fill your washing machine with cool to lukewarm water, turn it off, and add the recommended amount of gentle soap to the water, such as a wool wash or castille soap. Avoid using commercial laundry detergents with additives and fragrances.

Step 2

Place your woolen blanket into the washing machine, and push it into the water. Allow the blanket to soak for approximately 10-15 minutes with the washing machine off.

Step 3

Use your hands to agitate the blanket in the water. Select the "Spin" cycle on your washing machine and allow it to spin the wool blanket.

Step 4

Take the blanket out of the washing machine and place it aside for a moment. Re-fill the washing machine with cool to lukewarm water and stop it.

Step 5

Place the blanket in the water and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes before selecting the "Spin" cycle. Allow the spin cycle to finish, and remove the blanket from the washing machine and spread it out on a flat surface to dry. If you have a drying rack large enough to accommodate the blanket, use it.