How to Get Dog Hair off of a Peacoat

Peacoats are made from wool. The wool attracts dog hair, lint and fibers that cause the coats to look unattractive. Peacoats are difficult to wash and frequent cleaning can harm the fabric. When dog hair sticks to your peacoat, you do not have to hide it in the back of the closet. Remove the dog hair with items you have around the home.

Dog hair is more noticeable on dark peacoats.

Step 1

Lay the peacoat on a flat surface. Spread the arms out to the side.

Step 2

Run a lint roller over the peacoat. Remove the lint paper when it no longer feels sticky. continue to run the lint roller over the peacoat until you remove all of the dog hair.

Step 3

Dampen a microfiber washcloth with water if you do not have a lint roller. Wipe the washcloth over the peacoat until you remove all of the dog hairs.

Step 4

Wrap packaging tape around your hand so that the sticky side does not touch your skin. Run the packaging tape over the peacoat until you remove the dog hair. You may have to replace the packaging tape as it fills with hairs.

Step 5

Rub a dryer fabric softener sheet over the peacoat to pick up the dog hair. Replace the dryer sheet as needed until you remove all of the hair.