How to Remove Clothes Stuck in a Laundry Chute

Laundry chutes are a great invention for homes with washer and dryer hookups on the basement or ground floor. Rather than running up and down stairs with laundry baskets, you can throw clothes down the chute so they land in front of the washing machine. Unfortunately, clothes can sometimes get stuck down the chute. Rather than risking your life and health leaning down into the chute, try a few techniques for reaching stuck clothing first.

Laundry chutes can be convenient, but they get clogged from time to time.

Step 1

Fold a pair of jeans in half and roll them tightly from ankles to waist. Throw the jeans down the chute like a torpedo. Sometimes a clog isn't as bad as it looks, so a slightly heavier item could dislodge whatever is caught.

Step 2

Insert a broom handle into the chute and move it around to try to release the stuck items. You can do this from the top of the chute or bottom. If you try it from the bottom, you may need to stand on a safe stepladder to reach far enough into the chute.

Step 3

Truss a brick in a long piece of rope or string and drop it down the chute. Make sure nobody is standing at the bottom and hold onto the end of the string for safety. Pull the brick back up once you are finished.

Step 4

Insert a clean pipe snake into the chute and move it around to remove the clog. Pipe snakes are flexible and may be able to get at single items that may be stuck on a protrusion.

Step 5

Stand at the bottom or top of the chute, whichever is closest to the clog. Screw two pieces of scrap wood together and insert them into the chute. Keep adding and screwing pieces together until you can reach the clog and push it out. Remove the pieces, disassembling them as you go.