How to Fade Clothes With Bleach

Bleach is used to remove color from clothes for a number of reasons; some for fashion and others for garment care. Regardless of the reason you need to fade your clothing using bleach, you must be cautious doing so. Bleach can be corrosive to clothing and when used improperly it can cause permanent damage. That being said, if it is adequately diluted and you keep careful watch over the process, things should turn out fine.

Dilute bleach so it doesn't damage your clothing.

Step 1

Boil 6 cups of water on the stove. Add 1/2 cup salt slowly. Stir until the salt is dissolved into the water.

Step 2

Allow the hot salt water mixture to cool to room temperature. Pour the salt water into a large bucket.

Step 3

Mix 2 cups of color-safe bleach into the salt water mixture. Submerge your clothes into the mixture of salt water and bleach.

Step 4

Keep an eye on the clothing to monitor the fading process. Remove your clothing when you have achieved your desired look. Typically, this takes about two days.

Step 5

Remove your clothes from the fading solution. Wash them as directed on the care label with an appropriate amount of laundry detergent for the size of the washload. Do not put any other clothing besides the clothing you are trying to fade into the washer.