How to Get Fuzz Off of Socks

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Things You'll Need

  • Table

  • Wet cloth

  • Clean cloth

  • Lint roller


Duct tape works well if you don't have access to a lint roller. Simply apply the sticky side of the tape to the sock and yank it off quickly to remove fuzz.

You can remove fuzz from socks with the right tools.

Removing fuzz from socks doesn't take much effort if you have the right tools. Fuzz can be burdensome and time-consuming to remove if you hand pick off all of the lint and fuzz. To remove fuzz efficiently, you will need to have a clean area to work in and a lint roller. In the future, you can minimize fuzz on your socks by emptying the link tray in your dryer before every use. When the lint tray becomes full, your socks often suffer the consequences.

Step 1

Wash down a table with a wet cloth and then dry it with a clean cloth to ensure a clean work area. Lay the sock out flat on the clean table.

Step 2

Hold the handle of the lint roller and roll the sticky portion across the outside of the sock. As the roller turns, it picks up the fuzz and removes it. This removes most of the lint and fuzz on the first run.

Step 3

Remove the dirty lint roller sheet by putting your fingernail under the edge of the current sheet and pulling the sheet up and away from the lint roller. The sheets come perforated in much the same was a roll of paper towels. This makes it possible to quickly remove the sheets. Use a fresh sheet to roll over the sock again. Turn over the sock and use the same process to clean the other side.


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