How to Make Your Towels Soft

Don’t you hate it when your towels get all hard and scratchy? Even after using all of the products they promote on TV, they never seem as soft and fluffy as the commercials say they are. Well, here are some tips you can use that will get your towels soft without costing a ton of money in laundry products that don’t deliver the results they promise.

Make Your Towels Soft

Step 1

Vinegar in the rinse cycle helps to rinse the detergent and residue from your towels that make them hard and scratchy. One-half to a full cup of white vinegar will do the trick.

Step 2

Do not bleach white towels; wash them with lemon juice instead. Bleach breaks down the fibers in towels and shortens the life of them, in addition to making them thin, less absorbent and scratchy.

Step 3

Do not overstuff the washing machine. Cramming a washing machine full of towels does not allow them to get clean and to rinse out well. Leave empty space in the machine when you wash your towels.

Step 4

Add water softener to the wash. Many people live in areas where the water is “hard,” meaning it contains a lot of dissolved calcium and magnesium. These minerals react with soap and keep it from lathering making it unproductive. Adding a water softener like Calgon to your laundry will make your soap more productive and your towels will come out softer.

Step 5

Line dry your towels, as constant towel drying will make your towels thin. Shake your towels before you hang them and shake them again when you take them off the line. If you like, you can quickly fluff them in the dryer before folding.