How to Get Rid of Static Fleece

Static electricity is an accumulation of electrically charged particles that occurs because of friction. Some materials, such as fleece, are more prone to static electricity than others. It can also build up between your skin and clothing because of friction. When static builds up to a point where it has nowhere to go, it will be released on the next oppositely charged item it comes into contact with. There are several ways to prevent and maintain a low amount of static electricity using simple household items.

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In the Dryer

Step 1

Throw clothes into the dryer with a dryer sheet. This will cut down on the static electricity generated from friction. Dryer sheets work because they are a waxy substance and the waxy substance melts with the heat from the dryer and coats your clothes, thereby reducing friction and static made from friction. If you do not have dryer sheets, proceed to the next step.

An eco-friendly alternative to chemical-filled dryer sheets are dryer balls, available at These perform the same function as dryer sheets and allow to add a pleasant scent to your clothes with fragrance sticks inserts.

Step 2

Throw clothes into the dryer and run for almost a full cycle.

Step 3

Add a damp cloth for the last 15 to 20 minutes to negate static electricity.

Wearing Fleece

Step 1

Rub your fleece clothing down with a dryer sheet very thoroughly. This will get rid of the static fleece that has been generated.

Step 2

Repeat as necessary.

Step 3

Rub lotion in between your hands, and rub it over your fleece article of clothing. The important thing to remember here is that you are trying to put a barrier between your fleece and outside friction. This can be done with lotion, water or a dryer sheet.

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