How to Remove Lint From Your Clothes Without a Lint Roller

Lint accumulates from bits of fiber and fuzz from the fabrics in your home. Typically, to remove lint you would gently pull it off your clothing using some type of lint brush or roller. However, if you don't have a lint brush or roller handy, you can improvise with some common household items.

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Close-up of lint roller being used on a shirt.

Step 1

Wind clear packing tape around your hand. The sticky side of the tape should be facing outward. Gently, but quickly press the tape over the garment to remove the lint. If the tape becomes covered in lint fiber, throw it away and rewrap your hand with fresh tape. Keep doing this until your clothing is lint-free.

Step 2

Prevent lint build-up in the first place by washing your clothing inside-out. Also, add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to each load of laundry, to help soften the fabric so lint has difficulty staying attached. Do not overload the washer -- the more room your clothing has to agitate, the less lint it will accumulate.

Step 3

Dry your clothing as directed on the care label, but put an old pair of pantyhose in the dryer. This reduces the amount of lint picked up in the dryer, because the nylon will act as a lint magnet. Remove your clothing from the dryer. Shake it vigorously so any loose fibers come off. Place it on a hanger, or lay it out on a flat surface.

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