How to Make Your Own Wrinkle Release

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 tsp. liquid fabric softener

  • 1 cup distilled water

  • Small spray bottle

  • Hanger


Pack wrinkle release spray when you travel to freshen your clothing without an iron.

Make your own wrinkle release spray.

If ironing is a task either you do not have time to do or you prefer to avoid, the wrinkle-release products on the market may appeal to you. Instead of purchasing ready-made wrinkle releasers that may be expensive, make your own wrinkle release to use on your clothing to keep your appearance neat and tidy.

Step 1

Measure and pour the liquid fabric softener and the distilled water into the spray bottle.

Step 2

Close the spray bottle with the cap tightly.

Step 3

Shake the spray bottle vigorously to mix the wrinkle releaser.

Step 4

Remove wrinkles by shaking the bottle and then spraying the garment until you coat it lightly. Smooth the dampened garment with your hands to remove wrinkles. Hang the garment while it dries. After it dries, it will be free of wrinkles.


Kathryn Hatter

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