How to Remove Permanent Marker Ink (Sharpie Sharpee)

Have you ever use a Sharpie / Sharpee marker to write your name or something else in permanent ink and then wanted to remove it? Well here you go.

Sharpie / Sharpee

Over a sink, fill your spray bottle with rubbing alcohol about half way to the top. More then that is a waste unless you are going to remove lots of Permanent Marker.

Step 2

Spray your clean cotton cloth or rag with the rubbing alcohol until it is fully wet. No need to have it dripping as it will only waste the rubbing alcohol and smell up the place.


Use the rubbing alcohol covered cloth to rub away the marker from the surface. Start with small circular motions and when you see that the Permanent Marker is disappearing continue to rub in larger circular motions until the writing is completely gone. You may need to reapply more rubbing alcohol flip it to expose a clean potion of the cloth.

Step 4

NOTE: Test Results after experimenting with several surfaces, using a Black, a Red and a Blue Sharpie. Red is the easiest by far to remove without using much efforts I could 100% remove all traces of the marker. Black took a little more effort but I was able to remove without using much effort I could also 100% remove all traces of the marker; However Blue on the other hand took much more effort regardless of the surface. In some cases the blue Sharpie left a ghostly image behind from the original marking. I have not yet tested using the non-standard colors like Yellow, Orange and Green. When I do test more colors I will update this Hunker article.