How to Get Rid of Moths in Your Home

So, you're wondering how to get rid of moths in home? Don't worry about the clothing moths, it is actually really easy to kill moths. By doing a few things like keeping the humidity down, and paying attention to the lighting and furniture you buy will keep moths away.

How to get rid of moths

Step 1

Remember that most clothe moths hang around in closets and dark places so they do not like natural lighting. Fluorescent lights work perfectly in the situation of getting rid of moths. Putting one outside the house and also inside your closet is a good idea to prevent them.

Step 2

I bet right about now you are looking to kill moths, right? You can use a product called Ficam-D. You can put this product is nooks and crannies of the house and they will start to die.

Step 3

Most moths will plant their larvae in fabrics. If your house has many moths, chances are most of your clothes have baby moths emerging from your closet. You can kill moths by ironing your clothes. What you are doing is frying the larvae so they don't hatch. Also another way to get rid of moths is to pay attention to the furniture you buy. You should change your dresser if it isn't made out of oak cedar. Chests that have cedar contain natural oils that moths really do not like. They will most likely stay away from them.