How to Clean Filters on a Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum

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Not only will a Bissell PowerForce Bagless vaccum keep all types of flooring -- the model comes with five surface height settings -- clean and free of debris, but it's easy and convenient to maintain as well. Rather than having to remove and dispose of a vacuum bag full of dust and other types of grime, you simply empty this vacuum model's dirt container. To keep the vacuum working its best, clean its filters at least once a month or as often as needed. If you need to replace any of the filters, use only the ones labeled "Style 10."


Inner and Outer Circular Filter Cleaning

Unplug the vacuum from an electrical outlet and remove the vacuum's dirt container. Twist the filter cup at the bottom of the container in a counterclockwise direction to unlock and remove it. Next, twist the circular filters in a counterclockwise direction to remove them, and pull them straight up and out of the container.

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To clean the outer form and inner pleated filters, separate them and then wash them by hand one at a time in warm water. If they are particularly dirty, you can add few drops of a mild dish-washing soap to the water. Rinse the filters thoroughly with water, place them on an absorbent towel, and allow them to completely air-dry before putting them back into the filter cup.


While you're washing the filters, you can also wash the filter cup in the warm, soapy water if it needs it. Allow the cup to air-dry before replacing the filters. You can wipe the upper tank and louvers clean with a damp cloth as well.

Premotor Filter Cleaning

Located under the vacuum's dirt container and filter cup and in the middle of the Lock 'n Seal lever, the premotor filter protects the appliance's motor from dirt, debris and other items. Take the small filter out of the vacuum, remove any large, loose debris that may be on it, and then rinse it under warm water. Allow the filter to completely air-dry before replacing it.


Post-Motor Filter Cleaning

Situated behind the door on the front of the vacuum, the post-motor filter helps to return clear, dust-free air into the room during the cleaning process. Take the filter out of the appliance and hand-wash it in warm water. Again, you can add a few drops of a mild dish-washing soap to the water to clean a heavily soiled filter. This filter should be replaced every three to six months.

Rinse the filter in warm water and allow it to thoroughly air-dry before replacing it. To replace the door, insert the tabs on the left side of the opening and push the right side back into place.


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