How to Disassemble a Dyson DC28 Vacuum

The Dyson DC28 Animal is an upright, cyclone-style vacuum that features user-friendly cleaning tools including a canister dust bin, telescopic reach wand hose extension and several attachments including a stair tool and mini turbine head. The DC28 has few parts to assemble and each part seamlessly attaches or detaches as needed. As a result, detaching the parts and disassembling the vacuum typically requires little beyond pushing a locking mechanism release button or tab to unlock the part from the vacuum.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug your Dyson DC28 vacuum.

Step 2

Lift the telescopic wand and hose from the vacuum and extend the wand as far as possible. Press the wand release button. Detach the wand from the hose and then set it aside.

Step 3

Go to the back of your vacuum. Unlock and remove the hose from the base. Set the hose aside.

Step 4

Remove and set aside the attachments.

Step 5

Push the red, dust bin release button to unlock the bin. Remove the bin from the vacuum and carry it to a trashcan. Holding bin over the can, empty its contents into a trash bag by pushing the release button a second time and then return the bin to the vacuum.

Step 6

Pack the vacuum and pieces in a box or store loose as desired.