How to Use Dryer Sheets to Remove Bugs

Fabric softener sheets are designed to keep clothes soft and pliable, even after enduring a hot dryer. They can be used for many other purposes including removing and repelling bugs, however. They are particularly effective at removing stuck-on bugs from car bodies. Bugs are also repelled from the strong scent of the sheets, so use them anytime you are outside and want to keep bugs at bay.

Step 1

Wet a dryer sheet and rub it on insect remains that are stuck on the car. The oil in the fabric softener sheets loosens the bugs so they wipe easily off.

Step 2

Tie fabric softener sheets to your clothes when out in the wilderness to remove bugs and keep them away. Bugs do not like the strong, perfumed scent on the sheets.

Step 3

Tuck fabric softener sheets into a picnic basket or under a picnic blanket to keep bugs away.

Shara JJ Cooper

Shara JJ Cooper graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism in 2000, and has worked professionally ever since. She has a passion for community journalism, but likes to mix it up by writing for a variety of publications. Cooper is the owner/editor of the Boundary Sentinel, a web-based newspaper.