Will Boric Acid Kill Scorpions?

If you live in one of the warmer regions of the world, such as the Southwest United States, then you are probably well aware of how pestilent scorpions can be. They can haunt your gardens and even come into your home where you are at risk for being stung or, at the least, scared out of your wits. There are several ways to get rid of scorpions, both humane and not so humane; some of the tools to get rid of scorpions can be found right in your home.


Scorpions can hide within dark crevices of your home and lurk in the shaded and moist areas of your home garden. This can pose as a threat if you have small children or pets and even more so if you live in an area such as Southern Arizona, where some scorpions have fatal stings, such as the Bark Scorpion. A female scorpion can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, which can create an infestation that may get out of control.

Boric Acid

Boric Acid is a normal house-hold chemical found in everything from eye-wash to diaper rash cream for babies. It can also be easily purchased by itself, as a loose, fine white powder. Many people believe that Boric Acid is as toxic as ordinary table salt, but, in large doses, it can have an adverse affect on the nervous system. This is even more so when it comes to being used as an insecticide.

Application as Insecticide

As mentioned before, Boric Acid attacks the nervous system, and does just that to insects, including scorpions. It also acts as a drying agent when it comes into contact with the body of the insect. Mixing two parts water to one part Boric Acid powder can create a highly potent ally in ridding your home of scorpions and other insect pests. You can also sprinkle the powder in your garden, especially around the soil of your plants, to prevent them from invading the area.