How to Use a Dirt Devil Jaguar Carpet Shampooer

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Empty the water tank after each use.


Keep carpet shampoo and other cleaning supplies away from pets and children.

The Dirt Devil Jaguar Carpet Shampooer is a carpet cleaner meant for home use. The carpet cleaner features a detachable water tank that holds a full gallon of water mixed with cleaning solution. The cleaner operates in a similar manner to vacuum cleaners. It comes with attachments to help clean small areas and upholstery. The large cleaning head features a large brush with five rows to help scrub your carpets clean. When you bring the cleaner home, you will need to assemble it before you can use it. Without water, the cleaner weighs just more than 18 lbs.


Step 1

Remove the water tank from the front of your Dirt Devil cleaner by pressing the latch at the top of the tank. Once the latch releases, pull the tank forward and then up to remove it from the cleaner.

Step 2

Remove the measuring cap from the tank and use it to measure five capfuls of Dirt Devil Carpet and Rug Shampoo into the tank. The measuring cap doubles as the lid to the water tank.

Step 3

Add hot tap water to the tank until it is full.

Step 4

Replace the water tank on the carpet cleaner.


Step 5

Plug the carpet cleaner's cord into the wall outlet. Use the foot pedal at the top left of the carpet cleaner's base to turn it on and off.

Step 6

Press the trigger on the cleaner's handle while pushing the cleaner forward to spray cleaning solution and water onto the carpet.

Step 7

Release the trigger and pull the cleaner backward to remove the dirty water from the carpet. Make several passes with the cleaner to remove all of the water.



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