How to Clean a Morning Star Bamboo Floor

Morningstar makes its floors out of bamboo at least 4 years old, which makes for stronger floors. A popular alternative to hardwood floors, bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and costs less than traditional hardwood. Clean your bamboo floor weekly to maintain its luster.

Step 1

Use a broom to sweep dirt and other particles off the bamboo floor. Sweep the dirt into a dustpan or remove it with a vacuum.

Step 2

Mix a few drops of dish-washing liquid in a bucket of warm water. You do not want the mixture to have soap suds; add just enough soap to clean the floors but not leave a soapy residue. Do not use acidic soaps or those that contain oil.

Step 3

Use any type of mop to gently clean your bamboo floors using the water and dish-washing soap mixture. Wring out your mop before using it on the floor. Your mop should be damp not soaking wet.

Step 4

Use a microfiber mop to dry the floors and sweep up excess dirt.