Directions for Using Eureka Atlantis Carpet Cleaner

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Things You'll Need

  • Soap concentrate

  • Hot water

The Eureka Atlantis carpet cleaner has one basic function and that function is to clean carpets using hot water and soap. The directions for water cleaning your carpets with the Eureka Atlantis carpet cleaner are not very difficult. However, it takes patience to clean carpets thoroughly so take your time and you will have great looking carpets in no time.

Step 1

Lift the handle to the upright operating position.

Step 2

Lift up and pull out the shampoo bottle located near the back right side (from behind) of the machine. Fill the shampoo bottle with Eureka Carpet and Upholstery concentrated soap. Place the bottle back onto the machine.

Step 3

Lift up and pull out the clean water tank from the right side (from behind) of the machine. Fill the tank to the "high water" line with hot tap water. Place the container back in place and roll the machine forward until the bottle snaps back into place.

Step 4

Adjust the shampoo control lever located on the top of the handle between "Max" for heavy traffic areas and "Rinse" for less traffic areas. Rinse applies water only and no soap.

Step 5

Plug in the power cord to a 110-volt power outlet. Most outlets in homes are 110-volts.

Step 6

Turn the power button located to the "II" position to turn on the agitation brush.

Step 7

Push the handle release button with your foot located on the bottom rear of the machine and tilt the handle back to a comfortable position.

Step 8

Press in on the shampoo control lever and then push the machine forward and backward at a moderate speed two times. The machine sprays a mixture of the water and soap onto the floor and then sucks it up. It is important that you use a consistent speed to ensure proper water application and pickup.

Step 9

Let go of the shampoo control lever to stop the water from coming out of the machine. Move the machine over the wet carpet several times to pick up additional water.

Step 10

Move to a dry section of the carpet and repeat the cleaning and drying process. Do this until you clean all of the spoiled carpet.

Step 11

Place the handle in the upright position. It will lock into place on its own. Turn the power button to the "O" position to turn off the machine and pull the power cord.

Step 12

Lift up and remove the dirty water container located on the right (from behind) of the machine. Drain the water into a sink and then clean the inside of the tank out with fresh water. Once clean, place the container back onto the machine and roll it forward until the container snaps into place.

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