How to Clean & Maintain Engineered Prefinished Hardwood Floors

Engineered prefinished hardwood floors are coveted for their long wear, wide range of colors and low maintenance. Made from recycled wood, they are moisture resistant and can be installed by handy do-it-yourselfers. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered prefinished floors do not need sanding, staining or waxing, and do not suffer shrinkage due to changes in temperature. While these floors are quite durable depending on the finish, they can suffer surface dings and scratches if not properly maintained.

Step 1

Sweep or lightly vacuum floors at least every other day to reduce dirt and grit buildup.

Step 2

Clean up everyday spills as soon as they occur and make sure to thoroughly dry the surface.

Step 3

Place doormats at entry points and heavily trafficked areas to reduce scuffs and scratches, and to catch dirt before it is tracked in from outdoors.

Step 4

Place felt floor protectors under chair and table legs. Avoid dragging furniture across the surface.

Step 5

Mop with a slightly damp mop as needed. Do not use a saturated mop and do not use harsh cleansers. A mild soap and water mixture is all that is required.

Step 6

Check the manufacturer's warranty regarding the life of the finish. The finish on many engineered hardwood floors is guaranteed for 20 years or more.