How to Clean a Copper Tabletop

A copper tabletop features a sealed or unsealed, hammered copper sheet. Tables designed with copper tabletops are used both indoors and outdoors and feature mixed materials such as other metals and wood. As lacquer and waxes dissolve and copper corrodes from exposure to certain cleaning agents and elements, cleaning your copper tabletop requires a specific set of tools. Additionally, the methods to clean the surface can depend on whether your table is indoors or outdoors.

Step 1

Clean dry debris from an indoor tabletop weekly with a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth or duster. If you're dealing with an outdoor table, brush or vacuum leaves or dirt from the surface weekly.

Step 2

Wipe or vacuum up a dry spill or wipe away a wet spill with an almost-dry damp cloth as soon as it occurs. If you're dealing with an unsealed tabletop, dry the copper thoroughly when finished with another cloth to prevent moisture-related corrosion.

Step 3

Fill a large spray bottle with vinegar and 3 tbsp. salt if your copper tabletop has a stain or corrosion spot. Spray only the stained or corroded area and wait two minutes.

Step 4

Rub the area gently with a cloth or nonabrasive – nylon or glass-safe – scrubbing pad. Repeat as needed. When finished, rinse the vinegar and salt solution away immediately with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Step 5

Apply paste wax to lacquered or waxed copper tabletops at least twice a year or after stain removal. Buff the wax with a soft cloth to shine the surface.