How to Get a Rubber Smell Out of a Shower Mat

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Things You'll Need

  • Scented dish soap

  • Water

  • Towel


If the shower mat keeps trying to float to the surface while you're soaking it, weigh it down with bottles of shower gel or shampoo.

New shower mats are free of mildew and soap scum and give your feet a clean, slip-free surface to rest on while you're in the shower. The only downside is the fresh rubber smell that emanates from new shower mats. The smell is annoying and can aggravate allergies for those who have sensitive sinuses. Rather than use the mat for a few weeks and hope the smell goes away, you can speed up the rubber smell removal with a few easy steps using items that you already own.

Step 1

Plug the bathtub drain. Remove any tags or paper labels from the shower mat. Lay the shower mat flat on the bottom of the tub.

Step 2

Pour approximately 1 tablespoon of dish soap on top of the mat. Turn on the hot water. Fill the tub with 2 inches of water.

Step 3

Soak the shower mat for three to four hours.

Step 4

Remove the shower mat and lay it flat on a towel. Place the mat (still on the towel) in direct sunlight for two to three hours. The sunlight will dry the mat and remove any remaining rubber smell.


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