How to Make Homemade Cleaner for Granite Countertops

You love the new granite countertops in your kitchen, but you hate the price of the commercial granite cleaner and want to make your own. Granite is easily damaged by any cleaner that is acid-based, but it is not too complicated to make homemade granite cleaner from a few common household ingredients. Mix up a batch and pour it into a spray bottle and you'll soon be cleaning your granite countertops for pennies instead of dollars.

Step 1

Pour 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol into a bottle.

Step 2

Add three of drops dish soap and swirl gently to mix.

Step 3

Fill the bottle slowly with tap water, letting the water hit the side of the bottle to reduce suds.

Step 4

Attach the spray top to the bottle, screwing it tightly to prevent leakage.