Tips for Moving Without Bringing Roaches

If you have roaches in your home and are moving, the last thing you want to do is take the roaches with you to your new abode. Even if you don't have roaches in your home, there's always the chance you could move them with you in your packing materials or via the moving company. It doesn't have to happen. You can leave the roaches behind with some tips for moving without bringing them along.

Hire an Exterminator

Before you even begin to pack, have an exterminator spray the house. Do not set off bug bombs. All the bombs do is kill some of the roaches while the rest scatter all over the house. The bombs will cause the roaches to hide in places they have never hidden before. After the exterminator is finished, leave well enough alone. Do not come along behind him with your own insecticides. You will just erase what he was already treated.

Use New Packing Boxes

Do not pack anything in used boxes that have been lying around the house or garage or even those from grocery stores, clothing stores or other retailers. Do not use any used boxes at all, especially any that were in an infested house. You can purchase new boxes from a wholesale club or moving company.

Bag Small Appliances

Pack items that may be infected with roaches separately. Place items like toasters and clocks in sealed plastic bags. Wrap the microwave in plastic and pack it in a separate box from other appliances. Anything that contains an electric motor could be harboring roaches. Inspect all of the items carefully for infestation before packing them. Consider anything suspect that came from an infested area. Place each in a bag and pack them separately, even if you do not see any roaches, because there may still be eggs inside. Do not think that because a functioning toaster oven or microwave would be harmful to you that a roach cannot survive in one.

Empty Cabinets and Dressers

Empty cabinets, dressers, hutches, buffets, curio cabinets and any other furniture that you are moving. Empty the drawers, and place all of the contents into sealed plastic bags. Do not use cardboard boxes because they present too many places for roaches to hide. Treat the furniture you are taking with an over-the-counter insecticide.

Heat Some of Your Items

According to the United Exterminating Company, roaches can not survive when temperatures top 125 degrees. Place some of your smaller items in the oven, and turn it on warm for about six hours.

Unpack Outside

At your new home, unpack the boxes and bags outside, and wash all of your clothes in hot water. Place a few glueboards around so you will be able to tell if you brought any roaches with you. Do not set off any bombs.