How to Remove a Libman Mop Head

The Libman Wonder Mop head is removable so you can wash it. Libman claims that you can wash the microfiber mop head up to 50 times. The Libman mop uses a wringer that twists over the mop head to wring out the dirty water. Removing the mop head will not require any tools and reattaching the mop head to the mop is just as quick. There is a plastic connector on the mop head so you must air-dry the mop head. Do not place it in the dryer.

Step 1

Grasp the Libman mop around the wringer collar. The wringer collar is the white piece that you use to wring out the mop head.

Step 2

Lift the wringer collar away from the mop head with one hand and hold.

Step 3

Pull the mop head off the end of the mop handle with your free hand. Release the wringer collar.