The Raid Fumigator penetrates cracks, crevices and beneath and behind appliances to kill 18 kinds of insects including roaches, spiders, flies and fleas. The Fumigator uses chemical reaction to create a dry fog that spreads and penetrates more efficiently that aerosol-type foggers without leaving surfaces oily or sticky with residue. One can of fumigator treats a room up to 16 feet by 20 feet.


Step 1

Open cabinets, closets, drawers and cupboards in the room being treated.

Step 2

Remove or cover all exposed food, food preparation utensils, dishes and surfaces where food is prepared.

Step 3

Take pets and house plants out of the room. Remove or cover any fish tanks. Turn off air flow pumps in aquariums.

Step 4

Shut outside doors and windows. Turn off air conditioners and fans. Temporarily disable your smoke alarms.


Step 5

Grasp the foil tab on the plastic cup containing the fumigator can and peel off the foil. Take the metal can out of the cup.

Step 6

Fill the cup with water up to the line inside it. Put the cup on the floor in the center of the room.

Step 7

Place the metal fumigator can in the cup. Fumigation will begin in one to two minutes.

Step 8

Leave the room and keep all doors and windows closed for three hours.

After Fumigation

Step 9

Open all doors and windows.

Step 10

Allow the room to ventilate for 30 minutes before reoccupying.

Step 11

Reactivate all smoke alarms. Turn on aquarium air pumps.