Homemade Window Washing Solutions

There's something slightly unsettling about the chemical smell that goes along with most commercial window cleaners. Fortunately, you can make your own window cleaner; save some money and avoid breathing in toxic fumes by mixing your own window washing solution.

The Recipe

All you'll need is 1/4 cup of white distilled vinegar, 1/2 tsp. of natural liquid soap and 2 cups of water. If you want to disguise the vinegar smell, add two drops of the essential oil of your choice. Combine in a spray bottle and shake well.

Lemon Variation

For a fresh alternative, substitute lemon juice for the vinegar. If you do so, store the solution in the refrigerator.

Maintenance Cleaning

Once you've used this solution for a week or so, switch to just vinegar and water. The initial addition of soap will remove the waxy buildup left by your commercial cleaners.