How to Disassemble the Roller Brush From the Dyson DC28 Vacuum

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Clean any obstructions from the roller brush and then reassemble the vacuum.

Vacuum cleaners come in many models that are available from various manufacturers. Most types of vacuum cleaners are upright models, such as the Dyson DC28. This model of vacuum is known as the Animal and uses a roller brush to pick up dirt and debris. Over time, the roller brush will need to be cleaned to remove obstructions. To do this you will need to disassemble part of the vacuum head.


Step 1

Unplug the vacuum from the wall outlet or press the "Power" switch to turn it off.

Step 2

Place the vacuum down on the floor, with the vacuum head facing up.

Step 3

Locate the screws that are used to secure the base plate for the roller brush to the vacuum. Remove the screws from the base plate with the flat-head screwdriver. Turn the screws counterclockwise, or to the left, to remove them.

Step 4

Take the base plate off of the bottom of the vacuum and set it aside.


Step 5

Locate the rubber belt that is attached to the roller brush. Remove the rubber belt by pulling it off of the roller brush. You may need to use the end of the screwdriver, for leverage, to remove the belt.

Step 6

Pull the roller brush out of the vacuum.



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