How to Counteract Smell of Goo Gone

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Boil vinegar in a saucepan if an entire room smells of Goo Gone. The resulting vapor will help deodorize the air and the vinegar scent will dissipate within a few minutes.

Goo Gone is a brand of cleaning products distributed by Magic American specifically designed to remove oil, grease and other sticky stains. While the cleaner is generally effective, it leaves behind a strong odor because of both the cleaning chemicals it contains and the citrus odor added to make the product more pleasant to use. You can use Goo Gone on floors, carpets, cloth and other surfaces, but it will take some diligence to remove the scent once the stains are gone.


Step 1

Open any doors or windows nearby to aerate the room and help eliminate trapped vapors that contribute to odor.

Step 2

Fill a spray bottle halfway with warm water and half with white vinegar. White vinegar is a deodorizer that is useful in eliminating various scents.

Step 3

Spray the affected area with the water and vinegar solution. Allow the vinegar a moment to set into the area you just cleaned with the Goo Gone. Use a minimal amount of water and vinegar on wood to prevent the wood from being damaged.


Step 4

Dry any remaining moisture with a clean rag.

Step 5

Sprinkle baking soda into any affected carpet, clothing or other cloth. Allow the baking soda to sit for a minimum of 60 minutes. It absorbs odors and can remove any lingering scent. Letting the baking soda sit overnight is preferred for maximum effectiveness.

Step 6

Vacuum up the baking soda.


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