How to Use Vinegar to Clean Plastic Bottles

Vinegar's acetic acid properties make it a natural cleaning agent and stain remover. Plus, it's inexpensive and easily available in local grocery stores. Vinegar is easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe to use around children. While it is available in several varieties, white distilled vinegar is the best choice for cleaning. It can be used to clean bathrooms, kitchens or any other room in your house. It effectively cleans plastic and will remove film and scum from plastic bottles.

Step 1

Pour white vinegar directly into the plastic bottle.

Step 2

Let it sit for a few hours.

Step 3

Shake the bottle to remove stains. To remove tough stains, add a few teaspoons of rice and shake the bottle.

Step 4

Pour out the vinegar and rinse.

Step 5

Repeat if necessary.

Step 6

Wipe a cloth soaked in vinegar around the outside of the bottle to remove any external stains.