How to Use Lemon Water to Repel Fleas

Fleas in your home and on your pets can be troublesome to get rid of. Many flea repellents are expensive and time consuming. Lemons and water can be used to help combat the flea population, as fleas are repelled by the lemon smell and taste on your animals. Lemon water can be a cost-effective and non-toxic home remedy for flea control.

Step 1

Bathe your animals using a lemon shampoo recipe: 1/3 cup glycerin 1 cup lemon liquid dishwashing detergent 1 cup white vinegar 1 quart of water

Soak the animal in the soap and water mixture for at least five minutes. Use a flea comb to groom. Have a bowl with soapy water and lemon juice available to drown any fleas on the comb.

Step 2

Cut six lemons in half and boil in a quart of water. Cool and steep overnight. Pour the lemon solution into a spray bottle. Spray on your animal every day in between baths and let dry. Lemon grass or lemon balm and pre-squeezed lemon juice may also be substituted for real lemons.

Step 3

Use the lemon juice solution to spray furniture, bedding, pillows and curtains and the underside of furniture. When animals sit or lay on the furniture, the lemon solution will help kill and repel fleas.