How to Restore Fluff to Shag Carpeting

Shag carpeting may be past its prime in terms of popular style, but there are still those that love the look, feel and kitsch factor of these carpets. Perhaps one of the reasons why this style has fallen out of favor is the high maintenance level. If the pile of your shag carpet has become flat and dull, follow these steps to perk it up.

Step 1

Selecting the right rake is very important. Just start looking at your local hardware store, paying particular attention to wooden rakes if they're available. The ideal rake will be lightweight and have a considerable amount of give and flexibility to its teeth. Teeth that are too stiff can snag the fibers of your carpet.

Step 2

Move smaller furniture out of the shag carpeted room. Run the vacuum cleaner throughout the room. This should not only suck up lots of dirt and scraps, but will begin to break up flat, matted sections of the carpet.

Step 3

Starting at one end of the room and working in small sections, gently rake the carpet. Be sure to avoid snagging the fibers.

Step 4

If raking the carpet ricks up noticeable dirt, dust or debris, vacuum the carpet again. You may need to rake again after this to get the fluffiness to return. Move the furniture back in when you're finished.