How to Kill Ants in the Carpet

Have you ever sat outside and watched an ant colony, marveling at the activities you saw taking place? Ants are amazing creatures in their natural outdoor habitats, but they can become nuisance pests when they begin to invade your home. The same social characteristics that allow them to build extensive ant colonies in the ground also cause them to enter your house in never-ending droves. You can rid yourself of these pests and kill the ants that live in your carpets and cupboards.

Keep Ants Outside

Step 1

Determine the bait that draws your ants. Ants possess amazing powers to find food sources. Realize that where ants are, there is also food. You may be unable to see the food because it is so small. Crumbs in the carpet, sticky spills beneath the counter or opened food containers may be enough to attract ants into your home. Find the food that they are seeking out.

Step 2

Remove the food source. You will experience an eventual re-occurrence of the ants if you try to eliminate the pests without removing their food source. Thorough cleaning is necessary. If you are lucky, you will see a trail of ants leading directly to, and away from, the food source. If you can't determine where they are headed, you will need to wipe down all kitchen surfaces with a cleaner that is formulated to cut through grease and kill germs. You need to wipe down cabinet interiors if you see any ants in them, even if you can not see food or spills. It is important to clean under your dishwasher and refrigerator. Thoroughly vacuum your carpets and rugs to remove small crumbs.

Step 3

Determine the best way to kill ants in your house. Interior pesticides for ants come in two basic forms. You can choose to purchase a typical aerosol spray that specifies ants as one of the pests it works on. This should be sprayed directly into cracks and crevices, not liberally applied over many surfaces. More effective than aerosol spray is a form of pesticide that comes in a small container and acts as bait. The worker ants enter the container and take bait particles back to the nest where all the ants become infected.

Step 4

You may see individual ants crawling across your carpet. This does not mean that you should actually treat the carpet. Realize that the ants are either drawn to the carpet because food particles exist amongst the pile, or they are using the carpet as a byway to travel from their nest to the food. Remember to clean the carpet thoroughly, remove the food source and find the trail near the food or nest. Place ant baits along the trail for best results.

Step 5

Ants tend to come back year after year. Make note on your calendar of the date they first showed up. You can effectively treat for ants in advance by spraying the exterior of your home where the foundation comes in contact with the ground. Do a very thorough cleaning before the pesky ants are scheduled to arrive. Place opened foods in airtight containers and wipe up all spills before the ants show up next year. Seal up any cracks around windows and doors that may allow areas of entry into your home.