How to Clean Oil-Rubbed Bronze Fixtures

Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures are a popular, stylish way of accenting your home's décor. You're most likely to find oil-rubbed bronze in kitchen or bathroom faucets. It may also be used in other fixtures such as towel holders. An oil-rubbed bronze fixture is easily damaged by hard water, so make sure to apply a sealing wax once you've cleaned the fixtures off; this will help protect them from irreversible hard water damage.

Step 1

Dampen a cloth in cool water and wipe any spots or dirt off your oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.

Step 2

Dry the fixtures right away with a clean cloth; this prevents the development of new water spots.

Step 3

Apply a scratch-sealing furniture wax, like Old English Scratch Cover, to any scratches, then wipe away excess. Make sure the wax you use is a dark tone that matches the color of your fixtures.

Step 4

Spray a sealing wax, such as Flitz Shower Wax, on to your oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, then buff with a clean cloth, to protect against hard water stains.