Indelible ink is the ink used in permanent markers and permanent ink pens. It is difficult to remove, hence the term "permanent." Soap and water alone will do little to get rid of this ink from most surfaces, even when the ink is fresh. However, permanent ink does have its weaknesses--fortunately, for anyone dealing with an ink stain, the ink is not as permanent as it may seem. With the right types of products, you can loosen the ink's grip on wood, plastic, metal, fabrics and skin.

How to Remove Indelible Ink

Step 1

Pour rubbing alcohol (available at drug stores and grocery stores) on a paper towel or clean rag. Alternatively, if the ink stain is very small, use cotton balls or cotton-tipped swabs.

Step 2

Dab at the stain with the alcohol-soaked towel or rag. If the ink is on fabric, put another towel on the back side so you don't get ink stain on the table or other surface as you work.

Step 3

Switch to a new alcohol-dampened paper towel and continue to blot the stain. Keep working (making sure to switch to clean towels frequently) until the ink is gone.

Step 4

Dampen a cloth and add a small drop of liquid soap (to the cloth). Wash the item to remove any remaining alcohol.

Step 5

Rinse the item of soapy residue and dry with a clean cloth.