The Puma company carries a large line of active wear, including sneakers. Some of these shoes are made of a suede exterior, which is highly durable and resists stains and weathering. To keep the suede looking its best, you want to clean your suede Pumas regularly to get off all the dirt that accumulates during wear. This will greatly extend the overall life of the shoes, plus keep them looking brand new.

Step 1

Wipe the Pumas with an unscented baby wipe to remove light buildup from the suede.

Step 2

Moisten a cloth with warm water, and wipe over the suede shoes to remove stickier buildup.

Step 3

Spray a mist of suede cleaner onto the damp cloth, and wipe your Pumas.

Step 4

Let the Pumas air-dry, and brush with a suede brush following the direction of the suede.