How to Kill Mold With an Ionizer

Ionizers kill mold spores by eliminating most of what mold feeds on from the air. An added bonus to this technology is that it prevents new mold growth by eliminating the spores in the air before they can infiltrate a surface and multiply. Air ionizers are an economical way to control mold before it becomes a family health hazard.

Step 1

Decide how much of a home's square footage is to be treated with an ionizer. Purchase an ionizer with sufficient strength to treat the total square footage, or for large homes purchase multiple units for placement throughout the home so that the entire target square footage is treated.

Step 2

Place the ionizer unit in a central location within the home where air circulation is free and uninterrupted. If multiple units are used, place each unit in areas where air circulation is uninterrupted, allowing each unit to treat as large an area as possible.

Step 3

Allow the unit or units to run perpetually to maintain a mold spore free home.