How to Clean Mold and Mildew Naturally

Mold thrives in wet, warm environments. If you have a mold problem, first take care of the sources of the problem — such as repairing leaky pipes and reducing humidity and moisture — and when you find mold growth, remove it immediately. Commercial products for treating mold come with warning labels for a reason, as they often contain toxic chemicals. Choose to clean mold and mildew with natural ingredients that will do the job just as well, if not better, than commercial cleaners.

Avoid commercial cleaning products for mold and mildew by using natural, safer ingredients.

Step 1

Fill an empty spray bottle with white vinegar. Spray the area effected with mold and mildew. Use a scrub brush or wash cloth to scrub away the mold. Repeat until the mold and mildew are gone.

Step 2

Spray the area with 3-percent hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is another substance that cleans mold well and will not harm you or the air you breathe. Scrub the area with a brush or wash cloth, working up the area rather than down.

Step 3

Add 1 tsp. of tea tree oil to every 1 cup of water used. Mix the tea tree oil and water well. Spray the area and let it stand for several hours. Wipe the area clean with a wash cloth. Repeat as often as required to completely clean the area.

Step 4

Create a solution using pine oil to kill mold. It is not as potent as tea tree oil, but it smells wonderful and makes a terrific routine cleaner for an area prone to mold and mildew. Mix 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 10 drops pine oil and 2 drops dishwashing soap in a spray bottle.

Step 5

Use borax if the other methods fail to remove the problem. Mixing 1 cup borax in 1 gallon of warm water is a harsher cleaning solution than the other methods, but it is less of a health risk than chlorine bleach. Dip a wash cloth or brush in a bucket of the borax mixture. Use it to scrub the area until it is free from mold.