How to Clean Levolor Mini Blinds

Since 1914, Levolor has designed and manufactured customizable 1-inch aluminum blinds or "mini-blinds"--blinds with horizontal 1-inch wide slats--for use in homes and offices. Although some Levolor mini-blinds feature DustGuard dust repellent, all Levolor mini-blinds accumulate dust over time if not regularly cleaned. As dirt and oils from handling the blinds can also dirty the blinds, it is important to clean the blinds regularly to maintain a good appearance. Cleaning your Levolor blinds isn't difficult and doesn't require any special cleaners or tools.

Step 1

Close the first Levolor mini-blind that you are cleaning so that you can't see out of the your window. Attach a brush attachment to the hose of your vacuum, and starting with the valance at the top, vacuum your mini-blind, moving across the slats from one side to the other and around the cords. Turn the rod to reverse the slats and vacuum the blind again.

Step 2

Repeat Step 1 with your other mini-blinds.

Step 3

Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle. Spray a cloth with the solution and wipe the rotating rods and/or pull cords on your Levolor mini-blinds weekly, or after frequent handling, to disinfect these areas.

Step 4

Clean the slats by hand on your Levolor mini-blinds at least once a month. Wipe the front and back of each slat from one side to the other with a damp microfiber dust cloth, dust mitt or sock, repeating with fresh water and cloths, mitts or socks as needed. If the slats feel gritty or oily, or have difficult-to-remove dirt or stains, use the vinegar and water solution in place of plain water.