How to Kill Bed Bugs With a Heat Gun

Bed bugs are persistent pests that infest the bed and other areas of the house and feed on you while you sleep. They do not die off easily and live as long as seven months while feeding off a host. They leave red itchy bites on your skin. Removal methods may have to be repeated as bed bugs can be brought into the house from external sources like old furniture. Heat guns are one method of getting rid of bed bugs.

Step 1

Remove the bed sheets before you begin treating the mattress itself for bed bugs. Wash and dry the sheets thoroughly.

Step 2

Turn on a bright light to work with so you can see what you are doing. Bed bugs are large enough to be seen with the naked eye. They may or may not be moving so they may only look like brown specks along the bed seams, buttons and bindings. They like to hide along the seams and around the buttons of a mattress. Bed bugs are nocturnal and come out when you are in bed.

Step 3

Vacuum the mattress first. This will pull off some of the bed bugs before you start treating the mattress with the heat gun.

Step 4

Turn on the heat gun set on low and start in the areas you saw bed bugs. You are essentially baking the bed bugs to death. Hold the heat gun away from the area you are heating. Do not put it right against the mattress.

Step 5

Move the heat gun back and forth over the area you are focusing on. Heat guns are very hot. By moving the heat gun back and forth you will not accidentally burn a spot on the mattress.

Step 6

Continue along all the seams, bindings and button areas of the mattress. Then go over the rest of the bed. Do not forget to turn the mattress over and treat the underside as well.

Step 7

Vacuum the bed again. Make sure you empty the vacuum into the trash after you are done so any live bedbugs do not get out and back into the bed.