Clorox is a cleaning company with products developed using Clorox bleach. Bleach is an effective cleaner, killing bacteria and germs, as well as removing stains. Bleach is also environmentally safe. While it is a strong cleaner, it breaks down to salt and water and does not contaminate any ground water. There are so many Clorox products that you can use Clorox for any of your cleaning or disinfecting needs.


Cut flowers placed in a vase will wilt over time. Add less than a teaspoon of bleach to a vase water to extend the life of cut flowers. The bleach acts as a biocide and kills fungus, yeast or bacteria in the water. Bacteria inhibit the flowers ability to draw water through the stem, which causes flower to wilt quickly. Use a dilute solution of bleach to clean kitchen knives and cutting boards, two places where bacteria grows.


Use Clorox bleach on laundry to remove juice, coffee, ink, wine, grass and sauce stains. It removes those very tough stains, kills any germs on clothing and brightens your white clothing.

Outside Cleaning

Clorox has a bleach designed specifically for outdoor cleaning, known Clorox Outdoor Bleach Cleaner. Stains and dirt are different when outside than those found on clothing. The outdoor bleach removes stains from sidewalks, patios and driveways as well as providing protection against corrosion, a problem for metal outdoor furniture. Also, use bleach as a weed killer, as it is highly alkaline and will change the pH of the soil, killing the weed. Take care, as bleach will kill desirable plants as well. Bleach works well for weeds that grow between stones and bricks on walkways and patios.

Odor Prevention

Use Clorox as a cleaner to eliminate odor in clothing and on surfaces. Odors occur in the refrigerator and bathroom due to bacteria. Clorox cleaners contain bleach, which instantly kills the odor-causing bacteria and prevents its growth in the future. Additionally, some Clorox products are scented so you can replace the nasty odors with a refreshing scent.