Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Mice

Mice crawling around your home can be a disgusting sight. But for some people, killing the little rodents may be even more disgusting. If you're not fond of snapping a mouse's back in half, you can try to get rid of them using many home remedies. The most important thing is to eliminate any entryways that mice can crawl through. Once you do that, you can work on getting rid of the ones already in your home.

Maintain Cleanliness

Seal up all your food in airtight containers and throw trash into strong, odor-proof containers. Mice eat many types of food, even pet food, but they love nuts, seeds and grains. Make sure to search all the nooks and crannies in your house for crumbs, spills and trash. If you have a pet, keep their food in elevated bowls and be wary of spills.

Aside from cleaning all food sources, organize any mess that mice can hide in. Mice are in your house looking for food, but they don't like being in open spaces. If you can eliminate all the clutter that serve as homes for mice, you can make your house uncomfortable for them.

Seal Up Holes

Once you clean and organize your house, you have to seal up all possible entrances for mice. If you can slip a pencil through the opening, it is big enough for a mouse to squeeze through. You can use some caulk to seal up holes in your walls, board up large holes with pieces of wood and stuff steel wool into the smaller cracks and crevices. Mice will continue to come into your house if they have an entrance. Just cleaning up is not enough to prevent them from visiting. Once you can stop them from coming into your home, eliminating the ones that are already there will be much more effective.

DIY Bowl Trap

You can easily make a mouse trap out of a tall bowl and some household items. Cover the inside of the bowl with butter, grease or oil and place a tasty treat in the middle. Cheese and peanut butter work really well. Position a piece of cardboard to function as a ramp into the bowl. Once mice hop into the bowl to get the treat, they will not be able to get back out. You'll then have to dispose of the mouse, which will still be alive, in an outdoor dumpster.

Pet Predators

A pet dog or cat can really help eradicate your rodent problem. If you can get a cat that is trained to hunt rodents (called a mouser), it will be a great asset in helping get rid of mice that have entered your house. Some dogs are also excellent at hunting mice, and barn owls can eat up to 15 mice a night. You need a license to own an owl as a pet, but you can create a nest in your backyard and try to attract them onto your property.


Peppermint oil is a natural deterrent for mice because the odor is too strong for them. Dip some cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in places where you have seen mice running around, as well as any entryways. You can also grow peppermint plants around your house to help keep the rodents away.