Home Remedy for Cleaning a Pool

If your pool is cloudy or full of algae, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to clean it. Instead of hiring someone to do this job, or paying for expensive chemical cleaning agents, use a series of cleaning steps that won't break the bank or require a large amount of time to perform. These home remedies will help you clean your pool properly and safely, without having to spend a lot of money.

Prevention and Ongoing Maintenance

Much of the battle in keeping a pool clean is having adequate preventative measures in place to stave off algae growth, as well as keeping the filters cleared of particulates and foreign matter. To help keep algae from growing, take old socks or shirts and use them to thoroughly scrub the sides of the pool, the pool bottom and the ladder. This should be a weekly ritual, and you can even make it a family activity to help speed up the process. To remove tougher algae and slime from the pool, use a stiff brush to scrub the pool lining, but don't use a wire brush if you have an above-ground pool, as this can tear the liner.

When cleaning the liner, remove it completely from the pool, and spray it out with a hose set to a gentle setting, so you don't damage the filter. To help improve the filtration system, mix diatomaceous earth with water and dip the filter element in this mixture. Since diatomaceous earth is used as a filtration system, this will help your filter work more effectively. If you find that the filter isn't picking up a lot of the particulate matter in your pool, try spreading a pantyhose over the filter entrance. This is a cheap and effective way to improve your pools filtration abilities without having to buy expensive filters.

If you need to add chemicals to your pool, there's no need to purchase an expensive kit. Buy an inexpensive PH testing kit, and talk to your local pool specialist about what chemicals are cheap to use and help keep the PH levels in check. While this will take some money to do, it will make a huge difference in the home remedies you perform to keep your pool clean.