How to Prevent Mosquitoes Around the House

Mosquitoes tend to appear around the house in late spring and summer, when the weather is humid. These bothersome insects are potentially dangerous, because they are sometimes carriers of diseases that make their way into your body while the mosquitoes are feeding on your blood. Protect your home from mosquitoes with insecticidal sprays that repel the insects, or with homemade repellents to reduce chemical exposure. Natural repellents made of food, herbs, and other common household products are safe to use and can be effective at keeping mosquitoes away from your home.

Step 1

Use aerosol bug bombs to kill current adult mosquitoes and larvae in your house. Bug bombs require shutting all windows and doors, and leaving the house for two or more hours to avoid inhaling the spray's chemicals. Alternately, spray around windows and doors with a household bug spray specifically for flying insects.

Step 2

Spray exposed skin and the outside of clothing with mosquito repellent. Use bug sprays that contain DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide), which repels mosquitoes. Use as directed in the spray's instructions to prevent exposure reactions.

Step 3

Change your pet's water bowls twice a week. Mosquitoes gravitate toward standing water, because it allows them to lay their eggs in the water and rapidly multiply. Empty standing water in potted plants, or place sand around the plant to absorb excess moisture.

Step 4

Seal windows and doors that are opposite the direction of the wind. Mosquitoes do not like windy weather, because it affects their ability to fly. Minimize opening your doors, because mosquitoes quickly fly in when the door is open. Keep windows sealed shut, and use caulk to fill the cracks along the window. Cracks are entry points for the mosquitoes, and can easily be filled with silicone caulk to block the opening.

Step 5

Mix 1 cup of garlic juice with 1 qt. of water in a spray bottle, and spray the solution onto a cheesecloth or absorbent cloth. Hang the cloth near doors and windows inside your home to repel mosquitoes.

Step 6

Spray neem oil onto a cheesecloth, and wipe the cloth around the opening of windows. Neem oil is vegetable oil extract with an unpleasant odor that keeps away mosquitoes wherever it is sprayed.