Homemade Cleaning Formula for Bissell Proheat

The Bissell Proheat is a vacuum and steam cleaning unit that cleans and disinfects floors using steam and a cleaning solution. While retail steam cleaning solutions are available, these can be costly items. Instead, make your own steam cleaning solution from inexpensive ingredients that are most likely already in the home.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent works perfectly for cleaning a variety of fabrics, including carpet and upholstery. Add a capful of your normal laundry detergent to the formula canister, then fill the rest of the way with hot water. Clean floors as you normally would, and leave a laundry-fresh scent throughout the room.


Vinegar is an inexpensive ingredient that cleans, disinfects, and eliminates odor--perfect for floor cleaning. Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to your formula canister and top off with hot water. Use only distilled white vinegar, which can be purchased for a few dollars per bottle from any grocery store. Do not use apple cider or balsamic vinegar, as these are composed differently and do not have the same cleaning effect. Clean floors as you normally would, and the carpet will be clean and disinfected.

Baking Soda

Baking soda also cleans and deodorizes, perfect for areas that come into contact with pets. Add one cup of baking soda to the formula canister and fill the rest of the way with hot water. Clean floors as you normally would, focusing especially on heavy traffic areas and spots or stains.