How to Kill Feral/Sugar Ants Inside Your Home

Feral and sugar ants can invade a home, particularly the kitchen. Ants are drawn to food, so it is important to clean the house carefully and not leave food out. A combination of sugar, water and boric acid can be used to draw ants in and kill them. The goal of the liquid is to be good enough that the ants bring it to the queen ant, causing her to be killed by the boric acid.

Ants inside the house can be killed with a mixture of sugar, water and boric acid.

Step 1

Mix the water, sugar and boric acid together.

Step 2

Pour thin lines of the mixture along counters and floors, as well as any other places you have seen ants.

Step 3

Allow the ants to consume the mixture. Do not kill the ants then; the goal is to get the ants to transport the mixture to their colony. Let the ants crawl around your home, and in a couple of days, the ants should be gone.

Step 4

Add more boric acid to the mixture if you find that the ants are not dying. However, if you use too much boric acid, the ants might not ingest it, or they might die before reaching their colony.