How to Remove Tree Frogs

Tree frogs are one of the most common types of frog found throughout the world. Tree frogs enjoy places that are dry and creep up into corners and crevices around your house. These animals are beneficial in the sense that they consume flies, which can work in your favor. However, they also produce waste and fecal matter that sometimes can be confused as rat feces. Getting rid of tree frogs can take some time and repeated efforts, but if you stick to it the process will get easier.

A typical tree frog hanging onto a branch.

Step 1

Locate the hiding frog by finding mounds of fecal matter in areas that are dry and near trees. Areas with a large concentration of flies can also be a clear indicator of a tree frog nest.

Step 2

Utilize the hand duster to spread Drione dust around the cracks and crevices where the alleged tree frogs can be found. Drione dust is a botanical insecticide that will irritate the tree frogs and their food supply.

Step 3

Fill the sprayer with cypermethrin and spray the area where the frogs are located. The spray will kill flies and the frogs will become hungry and relocate.

Step 4

Place glue boards around the area so that when the frogs drop down they get caught onto the boards. The frogs are then stuck, but can be removed with vegetable oil. Rub the vegetable oil on the frogs to dissolve the glue and then pull the frogs free from the glue board. Be sure to release the frogs at least a mile away from your residence.